Hello there..:) Its been a while we not update anything in this blog..In honour of this school holiday we have make a special promotion just for you guys..We offer you rm10 for live sketch and rm20 for live portrait..It just for this school holiday..Welcome and do visit our gallery (KORA KORA GALLERY) at E 237, DATARAN PAHLAWAN, MELAKA MEGAMALL, MELAKA ( near RUSHAI Leather & KAIZER Restaurant )..We open everyday from 10am - 10pm..We do live sketch caricature / online sketch, portrait, illustration / comic, graphic design, production, mural and so on..:) & this is our latest photo @ Gallery..Our talented artist from left TOINIE , OLY , ZORRO and PENG as a assistant..see yaa!! HAHAHA!!! URE DA BEH!!!

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  1. rex hanif - cun je?? xnak order?? ekekekeke...tengs for support!!